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The Robusta



The optional Roof Mount kit includes
heavy-duty brackets for roof mount installation
when wall space or height requirements cannot be met

Hood and Gear Assembly

Retractable Arms Connected to the Front Tube

     A versatile retracting heavy duty window awning system that utilizes a unique arm tensioned fabric to provide sun protection and reduce heat gain. To let in the light or during extreme weather, simply retract the awning using the standard hand crank or optional electric motor. It's perfect for use on windows and solariums on private homes, schools and office buildings.


High quality retractable window awning featuring spring tensioned arms
• Adjustable from 0 to 160 degrees for complete sun and shade control
• Optional weatherguard hood cover protects the fabric when closed and provides a more finished appearance
• Several awnings may be connected together and be operated simultaneously with gear (manually) or motor
• The Robusta can be mounted on the wall or soffit


• Frame - 5 years
• Fabric - 5 years
• Motor - 5 years